Laneya Grace


How and when did you start modeling?

Well according to my parents I started at the age of 3. I started with Ford modeling agency and my first job was for Macy’s . I don’t remember any of it.

We really enjoy seeing you in music videos. Do you see yourself acting in the future?

I really hope so! I love acting. I’ve been going on auditions and working hard at it. Fingers crossed something will work out.



What has been your favorite job so far?

This is a popular question. I really can’t decide. We get to work with so many fun companies in many different locations. Some memorable shoots were when I was on set in Malibu or Old Navy, and from the house we were shooting at we saw whales playing in the ocean. And I was in Florida shooting for a hotel I got to work with Iris Apfel. My favorite is when animals are on set. One time for Guess they brought puppies on set but the animal wrangler also had an owl that I got to meet.